How to read the Proposal
Posted On: Sep 245, 2021

Dear TCSOA Members,

It has been a pleasure to serve you during this budget session.  As you all know, this fight was an important one, because it involved compensation during a very crucial time.  I would like to first thank you all for believing in me as your President.  For those of you who watched commissioner’s court, you witnessed someone call me a bar of soap.  That was his first mistake.  His even bigger mistake was to say that I did not represent my membership by way of sitting through 18-months of this process and not saying a word.  Those of you who know me, know that I speak when it is necessary, and this was absolutely necessary as I was your voice.  If there was any doubt that I was speaking during these 18-months, I hope that you see now, that I was more than speaking. 

Here is the good news.  It’s a win for us.  The original proposal that we came to you for a vote on, to which you voted down, was revised and made better.  (8 days ago) The new one includes corrections!!!!  Please see the attached memo and the draft of the new proposed scale below. 

We have plenty of work to do, so please give us your support.  Change is coming!


Christina Dail – TCSOA President


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