SOBER Ride Program
Updated On: Dec 363, 2012

Please do not drink and drive!  TCSOA has a ride for you.  As a member of TCSOA, you may take advantage of the SOBER Ride program.  It's simple and easy.  Obtain a voucher from the office (office@tcsoa), President Hodge ( or Secretary Gillespie (secretary@tcsoa) or  If you find yourself in a situation where you are not able to operate your vehicle because you have been drinking, simply call Yellow Cab and they will pick you up at your location and drop you off at your door step.  The voucher is good for up to a $40 ride.  The voucher requires a valid DL to verify your name and the voucher number.

Of course you should always plan in advance if you anticipate drinking; find someone who will not be drinking to drive you.  Vouchers should be your last choice, not your first. 

Please be accountable to this program, do not give your voucher to others for use and if your voucher is lost or stolen, please report it immediately so we can attempt to cancel it.  Misuse of a voucher may be charged back to you.

In addition to our program, EAP is also offering the following free service, no voucher required:

Don't Drink & Drive ~ Call for a SAFE RIDE Happy Holidays!

To ensure your safety, your EAP (employee assistance program), Alliance Work Partners, is offering the Safe Ride Program. This program is FREE and CONFIDENTIAL to you and your family members.

This program is intended for those occasional moments of holiday cheer when calling a cab is the right thing to do. AWP will reimburse the cost of cab fare (up to 50 miles one way) when you choose to call a cab rather than drive while intoxicated.

Here’s how it works:

1.  Jot down the telephone number of your local cab company on your AWP wallet card and keep handy.
2.  If you find yourself in an unanticipated situation where you or someone you are riding with has had too much to drink, call your local cab company for a safe ride home.
3.  For reimbursement, within 30 days, mail the following information:
      a) Fully completed cab company receipt
      b) Travis County (name of your employer)
      c) Address
      d) Telephone number
       f) e-mail address

Mail to:

    Alliance Work Partners
    Attention: Sonja Hamilton
    4115 Freidrich Lane, Suite 100
    Austin, Texas 78744

Call the 24 hour hotline at 800-343-3822 for more information about the Safe Ride Program or to access the EAP.

Don't drink & drive ~ call for a SAFE RIDE.
Kris Nilsen, SPHR
HR Specialist, Sr.
HRMD – Staffing, Training, Employee Relations
Ph: 512-854-4820
Fax: 512-854-4203

Please be safe this holiday season and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Year.


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