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TCUSOA Attempts to Sell Out Members; Talk of Merger with TCLEA
Updated On: May 05, 2012

 Nearly ten years after Law Enforcement held secret back door meetings with members of the Commissioners Court in order to get pay raises while leaving their brothers in Corrections behind [1](which caused TCSOA to split into two different groups), history is repeating itself.  In 2002, the Commissioners’ Court claimed they could not afford to give raises to both Law Enforcement and Corrections, instead of standing firm on the issue, Law Enforcement made a decision that would forever change the face of TCSOA.  They embarked on a journey, with the help of then Commissioner Karen Sonleitner to make a distinction between Law Enforcement and Corrections.  Corrections officers were left out of these secret meetings.  In the end, LE secured their pay raises and animosity between Corrections and Law Enforcement grew to a level that far exceeded anger.  This came on the heels of a comment made by their President Dale Walls (LE) that Corrections Officers were nothing more than “ditch diggers.”

What changed?  To date, nothing except the gap in pay which continues to get larger with each across the board pay raise.  Some of the same people who were involved in creating the split then are involved now.[2]  The real consideration for the merger lies in protecting their (LEA) own interest if we were to ever obtain Collective Bargaining or Meet and Confer.[3]  The larger group would bargain for all.  Can you imagine LEA fighting to close the pay gap between Corrections and LE by making sure you got a pay raise while they abstained from taking one?

In a letter sent to members of LEA by their current President Sidney Parker dated August 25, 2011, President Parker announced, “The TCSLEA leadership has opened talks about the possibility {of merging} with their {TCUSOA} leadership.”  In the letter, President Parker poses several questions that need to be answered and then closes by stating, “There are many more questions that could be asked……..some good ideas and safeguards have already been thought of….”  This statement alone points to the fact that trust is still at the core of the problem.

This was validated when members of our Board were assured by President Parker and Vice President Morton that LEA would, “stay out of Corrections and not side with either association.”  However, it is clear from the letter they were secretly meeting with TCUSOA all along.  President Parker notes in the letter, “…..their leadership has worked closely with us from their inception……”

It is clear from the letter the driving force in considering whether to merge or not is Collective Bargaining, numbers[4] and once again money.   It is also clear LEA feels the need to “protect” their organization and interest by putting “safeguards” in place.   

Imagine being vetted with false promises by an organization with a secret agenda only to find out the real intent was to sell your rights to a third party.  Such is the case scenario for the members who were wooed away from TCSOA.  Beware, LEA will not allow Corrections officers to be full members of their organization and thus will not have your best interest at heart.    To find the truth, you need not look far, compare the letter to the enclosed articles (links) and you will see history repeating itself.

Stand firm and united for Corrections with TCSOA not TCUSOA! 



3.  (TCLEA has chosen to removed this link)         wwhe        



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