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TCSLEA Boldly Claims Lie; Follow the Leader or Follow the Liar?
Updated On: Mar 10, 2018

In a predictable move, TCSLEA boldly admitted to lying to members and Corrections staff about the recent pay raise on their website.  After taking full credit for the pay raise on their website and posting employees in front of the visitation building claiming what they and they alone did, they fearlessly posted, “On August 29, 2012 the Travis County Commissioners Court voted to adopt Option 4 - the TCSLEA proposed POPS increase of at least 10% across the board. WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS, FOLLOW THE LEADER!  TCSOA-CLEAT SUPPORTED TCSLEA-FOP SALARY PACKAGE IN THE END.”  This was after TCSLEA claimed TCSOA had absolutely nothing to do with the obtaining the pay raise.  “Follow the Leader or Follow the Liar?”

TCSLEA has become so comfortable with lying to Corrections Officers; they don’t even give it a second thought.  They truly believe whatever they say, you are going to believe.  TCSOA is challenging each and every Corrections Officer, whether you are a member or not, to stand up to the lies and reject TCSLEA.  This lie is a reflection of all the other lies they have told to get Corrections Officers to join their group.  In fact, even after we published the last article, their website still boast, “TCSLEA secures pay raise for Sheriff’s Office” after they admitted, “TCSOA-CLEAT SUPPORTED TCSLEA-FOP SALARY PACKAGE IN THE END.” “Follow the Leader or Follow the Liar?”

Apparently, TCSLEA is so confident in their ability to woo you over to the other side they will insult your intelligence by blatantly lying to you, they stated, “TCSOA-CLEAT Option 5 Grossly Failed.”  How is that possible when we put our proposal on hold in support of Option 4 for our members?  TCSLEA printed this statement knowing we have already provided you with the audio and video of the hearing.  Listen for yourself.  They also know we discussed the strategy with them and lobbied the commissioners for the third and deciding vote.  “Follow the Leader or Follow the Liar?”

In the previous article, “TCSLEA President; Board stoops to a new low,” we asked the question, “What will he (the President) lie about after this article?”  It didn’t take long to get an answer.  The answer, “TCSOA-CLEAT Option 5 Grossly Failed.”  He knows and now you know that this is another obvious lie.  “Follow the Leader or Follow the Liar?”

Amazingly, after totally disrespecting Corrections, they proceeded to insult your intelligence by extensively lying to you.  Afterwards, TCSLEA had the audacity to invite you to join their association.  Stand up and fight back, say no to lies, say not TCSLEA.  Be more than a number in case Collective Bargaining is obtained.   Follow the Leader, TCSOA and not the Liar TCSLEA!



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