One of Austin’s finest officers NEEDS YOUR HELP!
Posted On: Apr 01, 2021

One of Austin’s finest officers NEEDS YOUR HELP! 

Elijah Neely has been with Austin Police Department for 19 years.

Besides being an officer Neely is a husband, son, and a great father. Neely is a heart of pure gold and jokes that can make anybody smile. 

The week of February 14th Elijah contracted COVID-19. During this time in Texas there was a snow storm and knocked power out of his home. Elijah Neely went out looking for firewood to support his family, it is believed that this exacerbated his symptoms. Neely continued to look out for his family and the night of the 19th he, his wife, and daughter and dogs slept in their vehicles to brave the winter storm.

In the days following Neely’s breathing got worse.

Neely was rushed to Baylor Scott and White in Temple, Texas. Neely has been on a ventilator since he has been in the hospital and unable breathe on his own. 

Neely’s wife Shawana has been receiving hospital bills for upwards of $820 and the bills keep coming in. 

Neely has been in the hospital for 20+ days, he needs to be moved to Dallas, Texas but there is no bed-space for him there.

Shawna just wants her husband home. 

Any money donated will go to Neely’s bills. Let’s help out an officer in need with prayers and a donation that will go a long way. 

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