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  Place 5 Runoff
  TCSOA in conjunction with APA to Host 2013 CLEAT Conference
  TCSOA Supports the community and it's members
  TRMS Votes to Update Mortality Tables
  TCSOA to Award 2016 Scholarships
  Scholarship Program Extended
  Texas Deputy Constable Dies While On Duty
  Sgt. Charles Ray Bar - September 12, 1949 - July 8, 2012
  Bi-Weekly Pay Period Poll
  TCSOA To Award Scholarships
  TCSOA Law Day 2014
  ‘Your loved ones gave their last full measure for us’
  Madaleine Racquel Frady "Chingy" October 30, 2001 - September 27, 2011
  TCSOA holds Scholarship Ceremony
  Active Shooter Dead after Firing on Police Station
  TCSOA, CLEAT and NAPO Offering Aid to Victims of Wildfires
  November General Election
  TCSOA Scholarship Recipients 2014
  CBF Staff and TCSOA Come Together to Assist Homeless Family
  Ark. inmate gets death penalty for murder of CO
  Wis. deputies save inmate from hanging
  TCSOA Annual Christmas Party
  TCUSOA Attempts to Sell Out Members; Talk of Merger with TCLEA
  Correction to TCUSOA Article
  TCSOA and CBF Staff Host Fundraiser
  TCSOA Supports the BAIR Foundation
  TCSOA PAC Endorses Todd Radford for Sheriff
  Meet and Greet
  Event Canceled 2017 TCSOA Spring Meet and Greet!
  2017 TCSOA Spring Meet and Greet!
  Dunk the COC
  The Police Retirement and Pension Fight in Texas is Different. When it Comes to Your Retirement, You Have to Trust the Legislature that you Helped Create-We Have No Choice
  2012 Texas Police Games
  Employee of the Year Nominations - Process Underway
  Board of Director Elections
  Board of Director and Amendment Elections
  TCSOA Christmas Party 2011
  New Mandatory TCOLE de-escalation
  TCSOA Works With Administration To Get Alternate JST Test Times Approved
  Interested in Running for Office?
  Austin, Bastrop - No Refusal Weekend
  Wisconsin Governor Slashes Budget; Forces Government Employees To Pay More To Pensions And For Benefits
  Ohio Union Bill Aimed At Reducing Bargining Rights Passes State Senate
  Angry Demonstrations in Wisconsin as Cuts Loom
  How I Got To Madison, Wisconsin
  Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Issues Layoff Notices
  Judge Orders Protesters to Be Removed From Wiscosin Capitol
  Winconsin Layoff Will Come Friday, Scott Walker Says
  New Polls Find Support For Public Employee Unions
  TCSOA Amnesty Program Extended
  What's it like being a corrections officer?
  Civil Rights Commission alleges Howard Co. Sheriff's Dept. unlawfully fired jail officer
  What is a corrections officer worth to the taxpayers? Part I
  Soledad prison inmate slips handcuffs, stabs prison guard in the head
  TCSOA to Sponsor a Family for Christmas
  CLEAT/TCSOA help welcome Czech law enforcement delegation
  A Few Things To Know About The New Site
  Warren P. Young, A Christian, A Friend, A Mentor, A Co-Worker and A Soldier
  User Registration
  Michigan Protest Movement to Soon Rival Wisconsin?
  Walker's Wisconsin Senate Majority in Peril as Thousands Work for Recalls
  Texas inmate receives 4 years for assaulting COs
  Washington Corrections Officer's Death Spurs Changes
  Wisconsin Police Officer Killed in Wild Shootout
  Police Officer Dies in Ohio; Suspect Hurt
  TCSOA to Award Scholarships
  CLEAT Wins $1.2 Million Back Pay in El Paso
  CLEAT PAC and Local Affiliated PACs go into Overdrive, Set New Contribution Records in Effort to Help Elect Friends of Texas Law Enforcement
  Law Day Set for May 11th
  Two COs injured while struggling with detainee
  Md. legislators join call for answers on CO's stabbing
  Family Fun Day 2018
  Event Canceled Battle of the Badges Bowling Tournament
  2015 Board of Director Elections
  Law Day 2016
  Bexar County Deputy Ambushed an Killed
  CLEAT continues to look out for Members Retirement
  TCSOA Fundraiser Supporting Todd Radford for Sheriff
  Nominations for Employee of the Year 2015
  TCSOA Treasurer's Son Takes Home the Gold
  Michigan Corrections Officer Killed
  TCSO to Host Panel Discussion Encouraging Female Applicants
  CLEAT assisting Travis County in effort to improve pay
  Inmate shoots Iowa deputy at hospital, kills self
  Calif. corrections officer may have known his killer
  Video: Inmate scales prison fence, escapes
  CO gets $150K settlement in alleged work-related miscarriage
  Nominations for Employee of the Year
  Letter from the President
  It's Not Us; Beware of Schemes
  Rest In Peace Officer Johnson
  Man attacks officer while being booked
  Funeral Services Planned for Husband of Officer
  TCSOA Partners with Allstate
  APD Officer Killed, Another Injured in Separate Officer-Involved Shooting
  APD Officer Youtube Newscast
  Funeral Procession Will Journey to San Angelo to Bury Slain APD Officer
  FBI tries to stem rising death rate of police officers
  Christina McAfee Bio
  Randy Reed
  Nominations for Employee of the Year 2015
  Hundreds Attend Services For Fallen Corrections Officer
  TCSOA to Award Scholarships 2013
  Some may call it ‘grandstanding;’ we just call it ‘standing up’
  CLEAT explains need for lawmakers to fix pension disparity
  CLEAT throws support behind bill to raise survivor benefits
  County, police, agree on 30-month labor contract
  Law Day
  Three Corrections Officers Remain Hospitilized After Head On Collision (Updated 04/01/2013)
  CLEAT does battle; saves officer pension
  2014 Board of Director Elections Nearing
  Law Day 2015
  2016 TCSOA Christmas Party
  Wrongly fired officer in Temple reinstated with CLEAT’s help
  Baton; A Letter from the Editor
  Officer and husband involved in fatal crash (Article updated 09-05-11 click "Read More")
  Website Giveaways; Surf and Win
  TCSLEA Boldly Claims Lie; Follow the Leader or Follow the Liar?
  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  Wisconsin Judge Temporarily Halts Collective Bargaining Law
  US jails struggle with role as makeshift asylums
  28 Day Cycle Abandoned; 40 Hour Work Week Reinstated
  FYI - You have to be a Member of TCSOA to join Cleat
  Looking For Photo's
  Austin-area wildfire burns a record 476 homes in Texas
  TCSOA Board Members to Attend Briefing; Offer Assistance to Victims of Wildfires
  What is a corrections officer worth to the taxpayers? Part II
  TCSOA Board of Director Elections
  TCSOA to Award Schorlarships
  Welcome to the new site!
  Working with the web site modules
  Locals join CLEAT Lobby Team as Legislature heats up
  State stops collecting union dues, starts charging more for health care
  Christina Dail
  Randy Reed
  Plan to Merge Agencies on Jails, Police and Firefighters Concerns Safety Officials
  Tuition Reimbursement Form
  TCSLEA Boldly Claims Lie; Follow the Leader or Follow the Liar?
  Archives - Member Home
  Work Hard / Play Hard Contest
  Did you Know - TCSLEA Exposed
  2016 TCSOA Christmas Party
  TCSOA Offers Scholarships
  Travis County Organizing Meeting
  TCSLEA President, Board stoops to new low
  CLEAT Organizing Meeting
  Recall or Runoff
  Recall Election Results
  Recall Election For President James Hodge
  Message from the President "WTF"
  TCSOA 2018 Scholarships
  2015 Christmas Gala Agenda
  TCSOA Christmas Party 2010
  Classified Ads
  CLEAT Articles
  Think Your Pension is Safe? Guess Again
  Your Retirement is Under Attack, Get Ready to Fight
  5th Annual CLEAT Leadership Academy
  Developing a Battle Strategy to Save Your Retirement
  Texas Police Star; Why CLEAT Tops Other Police Organizations
  Never Mind Macro Targeting and All That Political Mumbo-Jumbo, You Voted and Made A Difference
  CLEAT PAC changes contribution game plan, prepares for the big retirement storm next month
  CLEAT dominates as Texas’ largest law enforcement organization, significant growth in membership
  CLEAT Executive Board Changes Line of Duty Benefit
  Pension Attack 2013 has begun
  Public Pensions Don't Need Fixin!
  Legislative ALERT! CLEAT is Opposed to House Bill 958
  Community Service Active
  Volunteer Opportunity
  Community Service Archives
  TCSOA to host benefit for family of slained officer
  TCSOA and Cap City Benefit a Success
  Fire Truck Pull
  TCSOA Wildfire Benefit a Success
  TCSOA Members; Non Members Support the BAIR Foundation
  TCSOA Team Takes 1st in Fire Truck Pull
  Operation Turkey; Serving the Community
  Benefit Fundraiser for the family of Officer Cris Cox
  TCSOA Members participate in Austin Clean Sweep
  Did You Know?
  TCSLEA / FOP Representation of Corrections Officers
  Brett Spicer and TCSLEA Opposed Collective Bargining for Corrections
  Events Calendar
  TCSOA Elections Filing Application 2011
  TCSOA Elections Instructions 2011
  TSCOA Filing Application 2012
  TCSOA Filing Instructions 2012
  Short Term Disability
  Long Term Disability
  CIGNA Services (Free)
  Photograph Publication Exemption Notice
  2016 Board of Directors Election Instructions
  All State Forms
  Annual Physical
  2015 Elections Filing Application
  2015 Elections Filing Instructions
  TCSOA Elections Filing Application 2013
  TCSOA Elections Filing Instructions 2013
  TCSOA Elections Filing Application 2014
  TCSOA Election Instructions 2014
  Authorization - Letter of Intent
  Demographic Change Form
  Direct Deposit
  FMLA - Employee R&R
  ESS Guide User
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  FMLA - Employee Procedures
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  Work Capacity Form
  Garrity Warning
  STD / LTD Disability Form
  TCRDS Retiree Declaration
  TCRDS Address Change
  TCDRS Military Service
  TCDRS Prior Military
  Tuition Reimbursement Form
  W4 - 2011
  Legislative Updates
  Texas Legislature Online
  Worker's Comp Bill Moves to Senate: Update from CLEAT C. Wilkerson
  Gov. Code Title 6
  County opposes bill on paying more sick leave to sheriff’s workers
  HB 2656 Update
  HB 1490 Scheduled for Public Hearing
  HB 1490 Update
  HB 1490
  State budget agency predicts huge job loss based on House budget
  Constable Precinct 3 Takes Shot at TCSOA; Opposes HB 1490 during Commissioner Court Work Session
  Legislative Alert
  Meeting Minutes
  Member Discounts
  Batteries Plus
  Budget Car Rental
  Continental Home Loans
  Capella University
  California Casualty Ins.
  Ford Motor Corp
  Star Brite Cleaners
  La Quinta Inn and Suites
  Member Benefits
  CLEAT Benefit Trust
  SOBER Ride Program
  CLEAT Benefits Compared
  CLEAT TIPP Program
  Cristmas Party Reservation CODE
  CLEAT Legal Services
  Member Directory
  Message Board
  Officers & Staff
  Political Action Committee
  Say no to deception, Say no to John Sisson
  Election Results
  Come out and Support Constable S. Hernandez
  Legislative Alert CLEAT Opposes HB 626
  TCSOA PAC working with Court on Budget; Pay Issues
  TCSOA PAC Is On The Move
  PAC Luncheon
  HB526 Relating to the confidentiality of information held by a public retirement system
  TCSOA Supports Sheriff Hamilton's Re-election Bid
  CLEAT Members, Associations Converge on Capitol; Oppose HB 958
  HB 2899 Filed
  TCOSA PAC Endorsements
  Travis County Sheriff's Officers Association Gives to CLEAT PAC
  TCSOA Candidates 2013
  Jose Garcia
  Elizabeth Smith.
  Gretchen Hemberger
  Matthew Taylor
  Lisa Glatt
  Joseph Parisella
  John Kraft
  James Hodge - President
  Zillah Gomez - Place 1
  Mark Waszczak - Place 1
  Christina McAfee - Place 2
  Jacob Bentura - Place 3
  Ed Williams - Place 3
  Domingo Botello - Place 4
  Campbell White - Place 4
  TCSOA Event Procedures
  Employee of the Year Process
  Disciplinary Tracking System Process
  Scholarship Process
  Sober Ride Program
  Strategic Planning Workshop
  Winning Mind for Women Hosted by CLEAT
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