CLEAT PAC changes contribution game plan, prepares for the big retirement storm next month
Updated On: Aug 221, 2013

The last few hours allowed for political contributions to elected leaders found your Public Affairs Division working overtime to make sure your voice was heard before the legislative session be-gins 30 days from now in January.

After a very active campaign season, CLEAT believed it was im-portant to demonstrate a vote of confidence to Governor Perry, Lt. Governor Dewhurst and House Speaker Joe Straus.

This also gave leaders from across the state a chance to visit face to face with some of CLEAT’s strongest and most powerful political allies.  “Our campaign outreach programs began the minute the last legislative session ended in 2011 and continued through the final hours of December 8, 2012,” said CLEAT Director of Public Af-fairs Charley Wilkison.

“We are doing our dead level best to combat the enemies of Texas law enforcement. We are preparing for a very tough session and we believe we are ready,” he said.  CLEAT PAC was active in more campaigns than ever before.
Local CLEAT affiliated PAC’s also raised and spent more than in years past. All this adds up to our collective presence being felt in more political races across the state.

CLEAT PAC spent over $110,000 to impact the political environ-ment, and our local affiliated PAC’s also contributed heavily in re-gional and district races across the state. All together CLEAT and its affiliated PACS will have contributed over a quarter of a million dollars in legislative political contributions. This does not take into consideration internal funds spent on direct communication with our members in macro targeting through mailers etc.

CLEAT President Todd Harrison expressed his confidence in the success of the CLEAT political program at the annual Christmas gathering in New Braunfels. “We endorsed in 102 races, we won 100,” said Harrison.


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