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Legislative ALERT! CLEAT is Opposed to House Bill 958
Aug 09, 2013
By Charley Wilkison Director of Public Affairs HB 958 reduces the interest crediting rate on all TCDRS funds from 7% to 5%, including employee accounts. All County Sheriff Employees will be impacted if HB 958 passes and is signed into law.
Public Pensions Don't Need Fixin!
Aug 09, 2013
Article in the Stateman written by CLEAT President Todd Harrison.
Pension Attack 2013 has begun
Aug 09, 2013
The onslaught on our Retirement / Pension plan has begun.  House Rep Rob Orr (District 58, Bosque and Johnson County) has filed a bill that if passed, will reduce the interest paid on our retirement account from 7% to 5%.  Over the years, this could cost you thousands of dollars and prolong your years of service.

CLEAT Executive Board Changes Line of Duty Benefit
Aug 09, 2013
The CLEAT Executive session voted today to change the line of death benefit package.  In the past, this benefit only applied to Law Enforcement and Corrections staff killed in the line of duty.   After the Executive session vote today, it is know available to any member of CLEAT.   This includes nurses, counselors and any other member of CLEAT.
CLEAT dominates as Texas’ largest law enforcement organization, significant growth in membership
Aug 09, 2013
The growth of large, urban law enforcement associations in San Antonio, El Paso, Fort Worth and Austin combined with membership gains in the Rio Grande Valley have turned 2012 into a surprising year of growth for CLEAT, especially in the final quarter. CLEAT actually saw individual membership gains in Houston and Dallas as well as growth in other parts of the state.
CLEAT PAC changes contribution game plan, prepares for the big retirement storm next month
Aug 09, 2013
The last few hours allowed for political contributions to elected leaders found your Public Affairs Division working overtime to make sure your voice was heard before the legislative session be-gins 30 days from now in January. After a very active campaign season, CLEAT believed it was im-portant to demonstrate a vote of confidence to Governor Perry, Lt.
Developing a Battle Strategy to Save Your Retirement
Aug 09, 2013
At the CLEAT E-Board meeting in Fort Worth this Summer, at the CLEAT Convention in Corpus Christi and at the retirement strategy meeting conducted by the National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) in Orlando we have been in non-stop conversations about how to develop a battle plan to counter the evil political schemes to end decent law enforcement retirements.
Texas Police Star; Why CLEAT Tops Other Police Organizations
Aug 09, 2013
This is a must read issue for all public service workers and those who put their trust and career in the hands of the Texas Municipal Police Association (TMPA). 
5th Annual CLEAT Leadership Academy
Aug 09, 2013
MARK THESE DATES ON YOUR CALENDAR! June 13th 14th and 15th, 2012 The 5th annual CLEAT LEADERSHIP ACADEMY will be held on June 14th and 15th in Austin at the Sheraton Austin at the Capitol. CLEAT continues to provide new and interesting information for our leadership. There will be some exciting new segments and lecturers for this program.
Your Retirement is Under Attack, Get Ready to Fight
Aug 09, 2013
Posted by CLEAT November 28, 2011 By John Burpo, Executive Director There is an attack underway in Texas on law enforcement retirements- that would be your retirement.
Think Your Pension is Safe? Guess Again
Aug 09, 2013
If you thought your pension and retirement was safe, guess again.  If you have taken the events from the North lightly, you may want to re-think your position.  What has happened in other states made its way to Texas last year.  However, CLEAT was ready for the battle and stood on the front line fighting for you.

Never Mind Macro Targeting and All That Political Mumbo-Jumbo, You Voted and Made A Difference
Aug 09, 2013
Listening to lobbyists and political guru’s talking about turning out the vote is like listening to a crack head in the back seat of your unit headed downtown. I’m sure it all means something to them.

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